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Denmark to End All Renewable Energy Subsidies

After more than four decades of relying on subsidies, Denmark’s renewable energy industry is ready to survive on its own much sooner than anyone expected.

Researchers Outline Pathway to 10 Terawatts of Solar PV by 2030

Current projections for solar PV deployment in the coming years have significantly underestimate the solar market’s potential, researchers say.

Business Owners


First we use our energy management audits to reduce the amount of wasted energy resources escaping your building.  Next we add a GREENFUEL Solar Electric and Solar Thermal System  to produce clean, renewable power to maximize your energy independence.

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GreenFuel Technologies equation for energy independence is:


This motto is how we approach every project. By first looking at ways to save energy, and reduce the wastes a facility consumes, we can then lower the overall amount of energy production that is required to perform your necessary operations.  We then offset this amount with clean energy created from renewable energy technologies. This methodology allows GreenFuel Technologies to offer electrical savings upwards of 30%, compacting you ROI (return on investment) timetable to below six years.

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