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California Funds DC Renewable Microgrid Demo at American Honda Parts Distribution Center

Way back at the dawn of the “Electrical Age,” Westinghouse – based on discoveries made and technology invented by Nikola Tesla – famously won the fiercely fought competition with the Edison Electric Co. that resulted in the use of alternating current (AC) to transmit and distribute electricity to homes, businesses and public facilities, as well as other types of infrastructure. Tesla's discovery of AC and invention of the first AC electricity generators were keystones that paved the way to building out our current centralized system of massive, fossil fuel-fired power plants and regional electricity grids. Now, with so much changing in the electricity industry, we are beginning to loop back and come around full circle.
Mergers and Acquisitions Heat Up in Australian Solar Sector

Today’s announcement that international solar company Solar Power Inc (SPI) will acquire an 80 percent stake in Australian solar wholesaler SolarJuice, sets a fascinating new milestone for mergers and acquisitions in the solar space. Over the years, M&A activity in Australia has seen some fairly substantial purchases, but with this announcement val

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As a paying consumer, you have a right to know where your energy is going. Let our team show you how to optimize your patterns through a detailed audit consultation. We’ll guide you through all the sources of electrical consumption, and offer solutions for improving efficiency and conservation. Because if you aren’t aware of how your energy is being spent, then who exactly is?

A Step in the Right Direction

Once you have a better understanding of where your energy goes, then you’ll be able to make better decisions going forward. Not only is this an empowering feeling, but it builds confidence and contributes directly to your energy independence.

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